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The purpose of the Blythe Area Chamber of Commerce is to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the Palo Verde Valley area so that its citizens and all areas of its business community shall prosper.
The Blythe Area Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization comprised of businesses, professionals and individuals in the community. The area’s economic well being directly relates to the caliber of the work done by the Chamber.
This non-profit organization unites hundreds of business and professional firms, thus creating a unique central agency working to improve business and quality of life, by building a better economy. Small businesses interested in proposing and creating a health environment in which to conduct business comprise more than 85% of our membership.

Most important, the Chamber is “People”…..

People just like you. People who realize that through the Chamber they can accomplish collectively what no one of them can do individually. The strength of the Chamber lies in attracting the greatest number of members, thus creating a pool of resources from which to draw ideas, energy and finances.


  • Over 15,000 phone and email referrals annually.
  • Your business press releases in the monthly newsletter for free.
  • Your business cards, brochures or flyers in front of all who visit the Chamber Office.
  • Promote your business by placing an Ad in our monthly Newsletter, and reach over 350 businesses and individuals monthly.
  • Schedule a new business Ribbon Cutting and showcase your business in the Palo Verde Times.
  • Working through the Chamber … businesses, small and large, can join with other businesses to work for common goals which would be impossible if tackled alone. Chamber activities bring more business to the community.
  • Produce a Flyer and for less than the cost of postage , have them inserted in the monthly Newsletter for distribution to over 350 businesses, government entities and individuals.
  • Having a Special Sale? Send us the dates and we will put it on the monthly calendar for distribution with the Chamber Newsletter.
  • Host a Mixer and promote your business to other businesses as well as city and county officials.
  • Your chance to participate in an organization which is dedicated to promoting a health business climate and more livable community for all our residents. Members are invited to attend the open monthly Chamber meetings.
  • Our Annual and Monthly Calendars keep you informed of what’s happening in the City and the Valley year round.
  • Your business name published alphabetically and by category in our Membership Directory as a free service.
  • Your business name published alphabetically and by category in our Website Membership Directory as a free service.
  • The opportunity to link your website with the Chamber’s or purchase a website page.
  • Get involved in your community by joining a Chamber Committee and have access to political leaders on a City, County, State and Federal level.


Commercial, Industrial, Financial, Professional Service, Public Utilities & Apartment Complexes:
1 – 4 $125.00
5 – 9 $200.00
10 - 29 $305.00
30 – 49 $410.00
50 – 100 $545.00
100 plus $615.00
Farms and Ranches: $125.00
Hotels, Motels, Mobile Home Parks, Resorts, Campgrounds & Trailer Parks:
1 – 10 $125.00
11 - 18 $150.00
19 – 30 $200.00
31 – 49 $305.00
50 – 99 $410.00
100 – 149 $480.00
150 – 200 $545.00
200 plus $615.00
Charitable Non-Profit Organizations: $50.00
(Organizations with 501C-3 Status)
Churches, Clubs, Lodges & Assoc: $115.00
Individual Membership: $50.00
Government Agencies: $240.00
* Blythe Area Only (Part-time count each 40 hours as one)
** Available for Rent (regardless of Class or Type)



Blythe Area Chamber of Commerce
207 E. Hobsonway, Blythe, CA 92225